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3 Ways to Update Pinterest for Restaurant Marketing

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About a year ago, Pinterest was the talk of the town – it was growing in popularity faster than any other new medium, and more importantly, it was driving sales more than any other medium.  It’s still a great marketing tool, but many restaurants that started off strong using Pinterest for restaurant marketing have flattened out a little in their efforts.

It’s time to re-engage and get your creative juices flowing again!  Here are three ideas to jumpstart your restaurant Pinterest boards:

1.  Be Inspired

Ellary’s Greens of New York City has a board of inspiration for their restaurant, in line with their philosophy and menu.  It’s a way to promote your restaurant without actually selling your restaurant – most pins on this board are not from Ellary’s Greens, they are from other sources. But it tells a story about Ellary’s Greens while engaging with outside audiences and pinning things that are interesting to their followers.

pinterest for restaurant marketing


2.  Be On Trend

Know what’s hot in the marketplace and with your audience that is also relevant to you and your restaurant.  In this example, Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria, a pizza restaurant in California (multiple locations), has a board titled “Gluten Free.”  There are pins from their own site, promoting their gluten free pizza, as well as pins from other sites that share photos, ideas and recipes.  The main point is that “gluten free” is a hot topic, and it continues to grow in popularity and in need, and it’s relevant to this restaurant and to this restaurant’s audience – that’s a good combination for Pinterest.

Pinterest for marketing ideas


What else is on trend? Besides menu trends, like above, are there any pop culture references that are relevant to your restaurant? Perhaps there are celebrity sightings (Rewards Network example below) or bands that regularly play at your restaurant or bar. Again, always look at your audience and know what is important to them and stay on trend with your audience.  That’s how you’ll gain more interest, more interactions and more followers.

Pinterest for restaurant marketing


3.  Destination Pinspiration

Pinterest has a great new feature allowing you to map your pins. This is a great opportunity to showcase your menu items in a new and interesting way.  Rather than simply pinning another photo of a menu item, create a board showcasing the regions or countries from which your recipes originate. Or, if you have multiple locations, this is a great way to show off each on the same board.  In the example below, iDine (one of our dining programs), is using the map feature for their board “Hot Dog Hidden Gems,” in honor of National Hot Dog Day. They’ve used the map to showcase the top 10 “best” hot dogs at program restaurants across the country.

pinterest for restaurant marketing


In another example, Rewards Network is showcasing some of our restaurants from around the country, but this idea can easily be translated to showcase your own menu or your different locations (interiors, staff, guests, menus, etc).

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No matter what you do, don’t forget to cross promote your page across all of your channels such as Facebook and Twitter!

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