The 4 Regas Rules for Restaurant Success

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What do you get when you combine the nearly inexhaustible drive of a pair of young brothers, numerous awards, and a 95-year history that made a remarkable impact on the restaurant industry in America? You get Regas Restaurant, which was the oldest and one of the most award-winning restaurants in Tennessee — and its former… Read more »

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The Science of Sizzle: Why We Can’t Get Enough Bacon

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I get it, Internet: everybody loves bacon. Even now, when I thought bacon’s ubiquity was finally starting to wane, there’s still someone at every turn espousing the benefits of this fan favorite food. In fact, even as I write this, one of my most health-conscious colleagues is recounting an article about how bacon is actually… Read more »

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Building Your Business with the Better Business Bureau

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FYI. ASAP. LOL. We live in a world full of acronyms, but there’s one in particular that small business owners should become better acquainted with: BBB, the Better Business Bureau. Most of us are familiar with the BBB as a nonprofit dedicated to building marketplace trust by handling consumer complaints and notifying the public of… Read more »

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Google Analytics Pt2

Google Analytics for Restaurants, Part 2

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In Part 1 of our look at Google Analytics for restaurants, we took a broad approach to why pay attention to your website metrics at all. Today, we narrow the field by suggesting six simple questions that can get you started on the right foot:   WHO were my visitors? Are all of your web… Read more »

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How Millennials Are Turning Wine Culture on Its Cork

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Millennials: I wonder if any generation before us has been so widely studied in the media or so culturally polarizing (and not just because of their near endless parade of duck faces and driving selfies). Everywhere I look, I see another — often contradictory — article dissecting millennials. They like craft beer, except when they… Read more »

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Google Anylitics Pt1

Google Analytics for Restaurants, Part 1

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Did you know that 90% of the data on Earth was generated in the last 2 years alone? No wonder business owners get overwhelmed at the thought of analyzing their website — especially on top of the hustle and bustle of everyday service. But if you have a plan for how to use that data… Read more »

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Merchant Cash Advance

What is Merchant Cash Advance? Four Easy Answers for Your Business

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As any business owner can tell you, sometimes you just need a little bit of extra cash to make improvements or satisfy business expenses. The question of where to get that cash, however, is a little more complicated. Between small business loans from a bank or other lender, fast cash programs, and merchant cash advance… Read more »

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The Newbie’s Guide to Vegetarian and Vegan Food

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Tofu, tempeh, seitan. Vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan. Whole grains, steel cut, gluten-free. When did not eating meat become so complicated? When I was in college, being a vegetarian was as simple as avoiding fast food restaurants and buying a new jar of peanut butter every week. Today, those who want to exclude animal products from their… Read more »

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Lexington Candy Shop

How to Stay in Business for 90 Years and Counting

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The iconic Lexington Candy Shop, a luncheonette at the heart of New York’s Upper East Side, is turning 90 this year and life couldn’t be sweeter.  Owner operated for three generations, the sustained success of this restaurant is remarkable in an industry continuously seeking to reinvent itself. So how does a restaurant, especially a traditional… Read more »

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April May Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas for April and May

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Don’t be a fool this spring by relying on the same predictable promotions as years past. Leave Cinco de Mayo and April Fools’ Day to the masses and stand out from your competition with these unique marketing ideas for April and May. April National Garlic Month and April 19: National Garlic Day As an essential… Read more »

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