The Newbie’s Guide to Vegetarian and Vegan Food

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Tofu, tempeh, seitan. Vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan. Whole grains, steel cut, gluten-free. When did not eating meat become so complicated? When I was in college, being a vegetarian was as simple as avoiding fast food restaurants and buying a new jar of peanut butter every week. Today, those who want to exclude animal products from their… Read more »

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Lexington Candy Shop

How to Stay in Business for 90 Years and Counting

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The iconic Lexington Candy Shop, a luncheonette at the heart of New York’s Upper East Side, is turning 90 this year and life couldn’t be sweeter.  Owner operated for three generations, the sustained success of this restaurant is remarkable in an industry continuously seeking to reinvent itself. So how does a restaurant, especially a traditional… Read more »

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April May Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas for April and May

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Don’t be a fool this spring by relying on the same predictable promotions as years past. Leave Cinco de Mayo and April Fools’ Day to the masses and stand out from your competition with these unique marketing ideas for April and May. April National Garlic Month and April 19: National Garlic Day As an essential… Read more »

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Wine Knows: How to Properly Taste Wine

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See, Swish, Sniff, Slurp, Swallow (or Spit). Chances are, you’ve probably heard more than a few opinions on the absolute best way to drink wine, but the basics are the same no matter the language. And they’re much easier than you may think. Following these steps every time you drink a glass will help develop… Read more »

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Managing Cash Flow

4 Tips for Managing Your Restaurant’s Cash Flow

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In few other industries does business ebb and flow as dramatically as with a restaurant, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your plans on hold during the slow season. Below, we offer four tips for managing your restaurant’s cash flow year-round to help you make the most of every dollar earned — and… Read more »

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February Same Store Sales

Restaurant Sales Are Hot (Despite the Frosty Weather)

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Although the beginning of this year has been marked by extremes nationwide — from record-breaking cold on one end to severe drought on the other — restaurant-goers seem unfazed by the weather. In fact, they are not only dining out more but also spending more each time. According to a report by Nation’s Restaurant News,… Read more »

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7 Foods That Sound Like One Thing (But Are Actually Another)

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Ever have one of those days where it seems like up is down, left is right, and there’s a surprise waiting around every corner? Well, if you’re an active or aspiring foodie, that could actually be the perfect recipe for adventure. Today’s culinary landscape features quite a few menu items that sound like they could be one… Read more »

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Hip Hop for Hunger

Hip Hop vs. Hunger: How “Entertainment with Purpose” Can Help

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How do you capitalize on people’s love of food, fun, and fantastic music to benefit those in need — as well as charities that work tirelessly to help them? According to Jimmy Buckner, the secret is providing “Entertainment with Purpose,” such as with the upcoming Hip Hop for Hunger benefitting Mobile Meals. Buckner is a… Read more »

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Restaurant Industry

What You Need to Know about the Restaurant Industry

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Understanding and keeping an eye on the economic landscape of the restaurant industry can be an integral part of managing your business. As a provider of financial and marketing services to the restaurant industry, Rewards Network has unique insights into the industry through the data we receive from over 11,000 restaurants. We also monitor the… Read more »

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Wine Knows: How and When to Decant Your Wine

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Ever had that dream where you’re called up to the front of the class to solve a complicated list of equations, only to find you’re woefully out of your depth? So have we. Ever felt that way upon walking into a wine bar? Or at a party with coworkers, when folks with whom you typically… Read more »

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