Employee Appreciation Day

How to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

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Mark your calendar for a special holiday tomorrow – Employee Appreciation Day!  This isn’t just a day of recognition designed only for Corporate America, though. It’s a day set aside to acknowledge all employees from all industries, including restaurants. From my 7 years of experience working in Chicago-area restaurants and bars, I know it’s important… Read more »

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9 Unlikely Taste Combinations That Just Work

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In 1976, Herb Hudson opened a small Los Angeles restaurant that exclusively served chicken and waffles. At first, many people were surprised to see an entire menu dedicated to this uncommon pairing — but all it took was one visit to get them hooked. Now, 40 years later, the unlikely, but delicious, combo at Roscoe’s… Read more »

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Email Tips

5 Smart Email Marketing Tips

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Over 100 billion emails circulate around the world every day. Yes, you read that correctly — that number is on a daily basis. The average consumer is continuously bombarded with emails, so how do you break through the clutter? In 2014 alone, Rewards Network sent over 155 million* promotional emails, yet our open rates ranged… Read more »

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Creating Business Plan

How to Create a Successful Business Plan

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Opening and operating a restaurant is one of the most rewarding achievements for a small business operator, but it can be difficult.  Many of the small business owners with which Rewards Network works are those who “think about food all the time, not just the enjoyment but the creation”. Many restaurant operators are professionals who… Read more »

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Wine Knows Thumb

5 Alternatives to the Classic Wine Bottle

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Have you ever been basking in the sun next to a crystal clear pool while sipping Chardonnay and thought, “Gee, I really wish this wine were more portable”? Ok, neither have we. But what about tailgating? Or to that BYOB place that’s a bit of a hike, but totally worth the trip? There are plenty of times in life when… Read more »

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Salt Restaurant

How This Restaurant Uses Merchant Cash Advance to Improve Business

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Another Virginia Beach, Va., restaurant gem has crystalized in the form of Salt, a Rewards Network program restaurant well known for its upscale Pacific cuisine and its strong ties to the local community. Salt’s owner, Daniel Kealiinohomoku, started transforming the business when he bought out his former partner last November. “It was the right time,”… Read more »

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Mobile Strategy for Restaurants

To App or Not? Mobile Strategy for Restaurants

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  The mobile industry has grown faster than any other technology or innovation in human history, with the average person now checking their smartphone about 110 times a day. With so many digital changes to keep up with, many restaurant operators struggle with how to plug their business into the mobile revolution. Although a little… Read more »

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Poutine Fest

Love of My Life, My Dear Poutine

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Rewards Network correspondent Matt Santori-Griffith braved the snow and chill of a February Chicago Sunday to attend the 3rd Annual Poutinefest. What is poutine, you may ask? Read on…   All the poutines. #Poutinefest A photo posted by iDine (@idinewell) on Feb 15, 2015 at 10:17am PST   Oh, poutine, you magical, delectable dish from… Read more »

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Best New Restaurant

The Battle of the Burger and Beyond

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When we heard the fifth episode of Bravo’s “Best New Restaurant” would feature a “Battle of the Burger,” our taste buds tingled in anticipation of the juicy deliciousness we’d see. Excitement at Rewards Network amplified tenfold, though, when it was revealed that one of the burger battle contenders would be program restaurant Tongue & Cheek!… Read more »

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Travel Hacker

Inside the Minds of Travel Hackers

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Most of us know that rewards programs can attract a different breed of consumer — one who is interested not just in great dining experiences, but also earning toward an ultimate goal. Even among that group, however, there is a small subset of intrepid diners who take this quest to an entirely new level. Enter… Read more »

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