Data & Insights

We collect the data

We collect the data.

We process and analyze the data

We process and analyze the data.

We provide you with valuable and actionable insights

We provide you with valuable and actionable insights.

We help develop a customized solution for your business

We help develop a customized solution for your business.

Knowing about your customers’ needs, wants, and concerns just got easier with Rewards Network’s data and insights. Because we are able to connect actual dines to customers, we have the ability to break down average check size, party size, ratings by key metrics, and geographic reach for customers to provide you with the most valuable data and restaurant analysis available.

But we don’t just give you the data; we help you understand the trends and customer sentiment so you can keep an eye on your business from the customer’s point of view, reward your best servers, understand menu challenges, and renew recency and frequency of guests. When diners return to your restaurant, it means you’re building loyalty, one of the most significant aspects of building a successful business.

Your restaurant analysis is provided in the form of quarterly reports, monthly summaries, and weekly statements that can be used to strategize your efforts to build a loyal diner base.

Use the detailed data to:

  • Learn the geographical origin of our diners that visited your restaurant to focus regional marketing efforts
  • Evaluate our diners’ spend against other diners to gauge the amount of business we bring you
  • See the number of our diners who return to gauge the reliability of repeat business
  • Help eliminate uncertainty by tracking your performance against other local and national Rewards Network clients.


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