Marketing a restaurant online involves more than having a website. Rewards Network’s web marketing provides a virtual meeting place that connects our diners to you through the websites of our dining programs.

The foundation of web marketing is your restaurant’s Rewards Network website, and it includes:

  • Restaurant description
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Hours of operation and directions
  • Menus, features, and specials
  • A calendar of rewards available for diners
  • Photo slideshow

Access to your restaurant’s Rewards Network website can be achieved through an online directory, banner ads, mobile apps, and a dining search engine on each of our dining program websites. Your website is automatically available to millions of members. Diners can search by name, city, state, or zip code to generate a listing that features:

  • Direct link to your restaurant’s Rewards Network website
  • Address and map of your location
  • Distance to your business from point of search

It all adds up to increased potential and access to a customer base that is outside the Rewards Network frequent diner base. When our diners post their feedback to their Facebook pages, their friends see these, as well. That’s a lot of potential business, and it starts by serving a good meal to a Rewards Network diner.