Developing your restaurant’s brand

If you are opening your first restaurant, or want to give an existing business an overhaul, defining your brand and communicating it effectively to current and potential customers is an important step to generating a long-term, sustainable revenue stream. A well-designed, well-articulated brand can provide restaurant owners with the ability to be successful for years to come. Discover the key steps for developing your restaurant’s brand, including:

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Excerpt from Chapter 1:

Mission Statement

The goal of a mission statement is to clearly and concisely articulate your restaurant’s core goals, values, and differentiators. A few thought starters that can spur the creation of a mission statement include:

Keep in mind that a mission statement shouldn’t be a full paragraph. Try to keep it to two or three sentences that convey your mission and values in a clear and emotionally compelling way to your audience. Look at this statement as the cornerstone for how you speak to your customers moving forward.

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