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Expand your knowledge with our collection of free business tools and calculators, designed specifically with the restaurant owner in mind.

Open Restaurant

Preparing Your Restaurant for Warm or Cold Weather

Summer and winter can creep up on you, and if you’re not ready, the costs can be massive. We lay out how you can prepare and protect your restaurant.

Restaurant Taxes

10 Tax Tips for Restaurants and Bars

10 quick tax tips, including deductions, tax credits, and withholdings for restaurants.

Restaurant Holiday

How to Make the Most of the Holiday Rush

How will your restaurant handle the holiday rush? We have 12 tips on how to stay organized in busy times and make the most profit possible in a short time.

Restaurant Fixup

12 Ways to Fix Up Your Restaurant for Under $1,000

Fresh ideas on how to spruce up the look and feel of your restaurant without spending on a full-scale renovation.

Restaurant Promotion

20 Ways to Promote Your Restaurant for Under $1,000

Innovative solutions to market your restaurant, manage promotions, and generate more traffic on a limited budget.

Restaurant Competition

4 Numbers Every Restaurant Must Know About Its Competitors

A point-by-point look at how you measure up against the competition and insight that provides when marketing to your customers.

Restaurant Equipment Checklist

The Essential Restaurant Equipment Checklist

Breakdown by year, month, week, day, and shift of all the major cleaning and maintenance needed to keep your kitchen running.

Restaurant Photography

20 Tips for Taking Perfect Restaurant Photographs

20 tips on taking amazing restaurant photographs of your amazing dishes — without having to hire a professional photographer.

Restaurant Hiring

10 Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring Restaurant Staff

Are you asking the right questions when interviewing applicants for your restaurant? This quick list can help you find better workers.

Restaurant Turnover Rate

15 Ways to Reduce Your Employee Turnover Rate Now

The average restauranteur spends more than $5,000 a year in hidden costs from turnover. How do you keep great employees longer?

Restaurant Business Plan

9 Essential Parts of a Winning Restaurant Business Plan

Getting your financial ducks in a row is much more likely if you have a strong business plan in place for your restaurant. We outline how.

restaurant success

How to Understand Your Restaurant’s Success with Only 10 Numbers

Are you really getting the full picture of how your restaurant is doing financially?

Open Restaurant

The Essential Checklist to Opening a Restaurant

A week-by-week guide to getting your restaurant doors open to the public right away.

Restaurant Suppliers

How to Choose the Best Restaurant Suppliers

10 ways to recognize the total value of a vendor or supplier to your restaurant, including delivery, billing, promotional offers, connections, and more.

Open Restaurant

Success Story: M Restaurant

An extended look at how Rewards Network helped fund M Restaurant’s extensive renovations, including their kitchen and outside party space.

restaurant success

Success Story: Pacific Standard

A quick study on how Rewards Network helped Pacific Standard succeed in one of the most competitive restaurant markets.

restaurant success

Success Story: Revolution American Bistro

An in-depth look at how Rewards Network helped Revolution American Bistro finance its evolution, while also driving new customers in.

Marketing Calculator

Is our marketing program right for you?

Explore our restaurant marketing calculator and find out what we can do for you. Our program can add a consistent 4-6% to your monthly top line.

Financing Calculator

Which funding program is right for you?

Explore our restaurant financing calculator and find out how much you could get in funding. Our program provides approval in as little as 48 hours.

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