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Restaurant Marketing Strategy

You’ve got an out-of-this-world chef, a beautiful interior, and a location that your competitors would kill for. So why isn’t there a line of customers outside your door morning, noon, and night?

Even the most well-known establishments need to create a restaurant marketing strategy. The right message delivered at the right time can influence restaurant guests to choose your establishment over your local competition. From attracting new guests to increasing the frequency and ticket size of regulars, your restaurant marketing strategy should be a critical element of your success.

To help you learn how to grab your audience’s attention, influence their decision-making, and increase your market share, we’ve put together a series of expert guides. While we can’t deliver an entire MBA education here, we’ve covered everything from marketing basics and the major marketing channels to understanding the return on your investment.

Restaurant Marketing Basics

Understand what restaurant marketing is and how to approach it for your business.

Social Media for Restaurants

Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help you attract both customers and staff.

Mobile Marketing

Get advice on everything from apps to maps.

Email Marketing

Review the software and CRM techniques you need to effectively manage and market to your email database.

Restaurant Advertising Terminology

What does it all mean? We have a primer on ROI, ROAS, and more.

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