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Terms and Conditions

Rewards NetworkSM may select which reviews are posted on the Web site and edit reviews for clarity and content. We recommend that you do not include personally-identifiable information in your feedback comments. Inappropriate reviews will be removed.

You authorize Rewards Network and others designated by us, including the merchant, to share your review in a non-personally identifiable manner (either in aggregate or with your initials, city and state) on the Web site and in other media. Use of this feedback will be consistent with the program terms and conditions and privacy policy, which have additional information on use of feedback.

If you provide a review in the box above, a merchant may choose to respond to you. To ensure your privacy, this response will be emailed to you through Rewards Network via DONOTREPLY​@merchants.​ The merchant will not be provided with your email address. If you choose to share the review in the box above with other members, the merchant may choose to share its response to your review with other members, too.

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