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You believe in the potential of your business, and so do we. Our restaurant financing and marketing programs provide proven growth to businesses just like yours every year.


spent by our members on average per check than other customers


spent per year on average by our members at our restaurants


in total cash financed to restaurants, bars, and clubs in our network

The Rewards Network Difference.

We offer an all-inclusive program that combines a merchant cash advance with targeted marketing to drive more customers to you.
No other restaurant financing or marketing company can do that.

Other financing options

Lengthy approval process

No variation in payment terms

No new customers

No customer incentives

No customer feedback

No data or insights

No ongoing support


Faster and easier access to cash

Payment based on ebb and flow of business

Exclusive access to biggest spenders

Rewards your customers really want

Verified feedback tied to real spend

Data and insights you can use

Extensive client support

Other marketing platforms

No upfront cash infusion

Set upfront cost

Limited or no income targeting

No motivation for higher tickets

Unmoderated comments

Clicks, not customers

Limited online support

Partner with brands you trust.

When you join Rewards Network, your business is instantly associated with top tier consumer brands, giving you exclusive access to millions of loyalty program members nationwide.
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We know restaurants inside and out.

Rewards Network has over 30 years helping increase restaurant sales with innovative marketing services and small business financing.

You want new customers.

We bring over half a billion dollars a year on average to our restaurants through targeted web and email exposure.

You want repeat visits.

We know that customers choosing a restaurant based on rewards are twice as likely to return.

You want customers to spend more.

We target bonus offers to select Rewards Network members for a 53% increase in incremental spend.

Your success is our business.

See how our financing and marketing services can help you increase your restaurant sales and take your business to the next level.
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    CEO Dan Kazan talks about Rewards Network

    How can a cash infusion and access to millions of engaged customers help you achieve your goals? We tell you what you need to know.

  • Testimonial-Screenshot_Davios

    Steve DiFillippo of Davio’s talks Rewards Network

    Combining restaurant financing with marketing services, Rewards Network simply helps businesses succeed.

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    Bryon French of Basil Thai & Sushi Talks Rewards Network

    The reports, data, and surveys Rewards Network provides can give your restaurant the upper hand in its market from Day One.

  • Testimonial-Screenshot_M-Rest-Tess

    Tess McChesney Kunik of M Restaurant Talks Rewards Network

    Expanding your restaurant’s kitchen capabilities and renovating outdoor space is just the beginning of what Rewards Network funding can do.

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