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Brands exclusive to our restaurant loyalty program

Rewards Network is the largest promotional program for the restaurant industry in the U.S. Our restaurants have the exclusive connection to the largest customer loyalty programs — and their members, who earn rewards just for dining with you.
We furnish airline miles, hotel points, cash back, retail savings, and more to increase customer loyalty and encourage more repeat visits to your restaurant.
We reward on your behalf — at no additional cost to you or your customers!

How our dining rewards program works for you

In four easy steps, Rewards Network connects your restaurant with our members to bring more business through your doors.
Cards are linked.

Members register their credit or debit cards with the restaurant loyalty program of their choice. No membership cards or IDs.

We market you.

Members receive weekly emails that spotlight restaurants in their area, and browse our popular dining sites and mobile apps.

Our members dine with you.

Once they pay with their linked card, our members automatically earn rewards for every dollar they spend with you.

You get feedback.

Our members are sent an online survey to fill out, providing you with their thoughts on food, service, and likelihood to return.

We do all the work for you. No upfront cost, software installation, additional training, or set-up hassle for you — and no extra cost or membership fees to your customers.

Who will you send to my restaurant?

With a member base of over 17 million sophisticated consumers, Rewards Network gives you exclusive access to customers eager to dine with you.
Big Spender

Big Spenders

Our members spend 13% more on average than other customers at our restaurants — over half a billion dollars a year.

High Income Earners

High Income Earners

They are frequent travelers with disposable funds for hotel stays, splurge shopping, and great restaurant meals.

Key Influencer

Key Influencers

With over 16 million completed post-dine surveys, our members influence an audience of millions every day.

How much can a loyalty rewards program increase my sales?

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