The Consumer Experience

Whether they want to earn airline miles, hotel points, or charitable contributions, our dining program members are passionate about the goals they’re working toward. That’s why we offer them the rewards of their choice from the brands they know and love — all for dining with participating restaurants like yours.

And joining couldn’t be easier. There’s no complex application process, no fees, and no new cards to carry. All diners have to do is register their credit cards to immediately become eligible to receive rewards.

Upon joining, our members receive weekly email communications spotlighting restaurants in their area, ensuring your restaurant receives consistent exposure to potential customers. Special bonuses — offering additional rewards above and beyond the typical — provide even more motivation for them to dine out more, earn more — and ultimately spend more!

After each restaurant visit, members receive an automatic email message prompting them to complete a post-dine survey about their experience. These surveys cover not just their opinions on the food, service, and cleanliness of the location visited, but also other information valuable to the restaurant operator: their reason for choosing the location, their reason for dining out, and the likelihood they’ll recommend the location to a friend.

Once a comment has been logged, you’ll receive notice from us right away. Through our Comment Management System you can then review, manage, and respond to each and every one, no matter where you are.