Ratings and Reviews to Facebook

Ratings and Reviews to Facebook

Diners can instantly post ratings and reviews to their Facebook pages.

Easy to .Like. Pages

Easy to "Like" Pages

Diners can like your restaurant's Facebook page either directly from an email or from one of our partner sites.

Sharing Diner Reviews

Sharing Diner Reviews

Once diners complete a review, you can post it to your restaurant's Facebook page.

With the rise of social media, your business has unprecedented potential for instant marketing opportunities. We have tools that take advantage of those opportunities, helping to spread the word about your restaurant. Word of mouth is and always has been vital, and social media now takes marketing even further. Rewards Network diners are constantly connected. Many of our diners use Facebook for restaurant information and recommendations. We leverage that usage by giving our diners two ways to share their restaurant experience and increase your exposure.

When Rewards Network diners complete electronic surveys, our “Facebook Connect” feature gives them the chance to instantly post their ratings and reviews to their Facebook pages. A picture of your restaurant from your Rewards Network web page accompanies the review along with a link.

When diners with Facebook accounts visit your Rewards Network web page, they have the option to click a “like” button. This button will post a link to your page on their Facebook wall for all their friends to see and use for a restaurant recommendation. This button is also located next to names of restaurants in Rewards Network emails. With over 155 million promotional emails sent by Rewards Network just in 2014*, there are great opportunities for exposure within this platform.

This extensive social media coverage provides you with increased potential and access to customers that are outside the Rewards Network frequent diner base. When our diners post their feedback to their Facebook pages, their friends see these, as well. That’s significant potential business, and it starts by serving a good meal to a Rewards Network diner.

*Based on email data, 2014