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Rewards Network gets you fast cash that works with ebb and flow of your business — without the worries that typical loans for restaurants bring.

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How Restaurant Financing Works for You

Rewards Network’s financing solutions are not loans for restaurants, and can be a smarter choice for the natural ups and downs your business can experience.

You get cash fast.

We pre-purchase credit card receivables from your restaurant, with an easy application and approval in as little as 48 hours.

You only pay as people dine.

We collect a percentage of your credit card sales only when you generate them, until the receivables purchase is fully delivered.

You also get more sales.

We provide exclusive marketing to new, high income, frequent diners who spend 13% more on average per check than other customers.

We bring the cash and the customers. No other restaurant financing company can do that.

What can I use restaurant financing for?

97,000 businesses have used Rewards Network’s financing and restaurant marketing strategies to meet their unique needs head on — and grow.

Cash flow

New equipment

Renovations and expansions

Operational needs

Opening a new location


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Success Stories That Speak for Themselves

Watch how businesses like yours have used restaurant financing solutions from Rewards Network to expand operations, get new equipment, or simply make ends meet.

  • Testimonial-Screenshot_Fonda-Roberto
    Roberto Santibañez of Fonda Restaurants talks to Rewards Network

    Partnering with Rewards Network on funding is easy, but it’s how we help restaurants generate revenue that makes us stand apart.

  • Testimonial-Screenshot_Farotto's
    Jeff Parrott of Farotto’s Talks Rewards Network

    Other financing options may just give you a loan. Rewards Network helps you grow your business at the same time.

  • Testimonial-Screenshot_Maggie's
    Kevin Goodchild of Maggie’s Waterfront Cafe Talks Rewards Network

    When bank loans seem impossible, Rewards Network financing is there to help restaurants expand their business.


How can I see Rewards Network’s impact on my bottom line?

All capital funding from Rewards Network comes with marketing services. And you have exclusive access to My Rewards Network, where you can see robust data about our members’ visits with you as well as review and respond to guest comments. Learn more »

How much cash can I get?

Looking for an estimate on the restaurant financing solution that’s right for you? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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