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How Restaurants Can Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s news feed is more formal in tone. There’s a quiet respect for the platform in contrast to other social media platforms. Employers and businesses use it in the traditional sense of networking where valuable connections and partnerships are made between investors, talent, customers, and restaurant owners.

Audiences you can attract with LinkedIn

Where Facebook and Twitter complement your brand and following, LinkedIn for restaurants ups the ante, providing investment opportunities and partnerships you can take seriously. It’s also an ideal place to find your future employees.

According to LinkedIn’s B2B blog, the company boasts of more Fortune 500 users than any other social network with over 40 million of its users in decision-making positions.

Utilize groups

Join LinkedIn Groups related to investment and investors. Free accounts limit messaging to outside connections but you’re welcome to message your fellow group members.

Target your search

Use the advanced search option when searching for potential partners or investors. Use filters to find other restaurant owners or source premier talent in addition to sorting by company size, group membership, and industry.

Create your company page

Build out your brand profile and invite your valuable connections to follow it. Once one respected investor likes your business page, their friends are likely to follow.

Answer questions

LinkedIn Answers is a space for users to ask questions related to topics in their industry. Demonstrate your expertise, grow your brand authority, and attract potential customers and followers by answering questions related to your restaurant experience.

Content that changes how you do business

As of 2017, LinkedIn’s content feed generated 9 billion impressions a week. While LinkedIn did eventually adapt to the newsfeed model, drive-by content doesn’t rule as it does on other social platforms. Long-form and story-driven content perform better on a social network that honors quality over quantity. Businesses share marketing insights, TED Talks, and strong thought leadership content that their network peers take the time to fully consume.

Less is more: Spend more time crafting quality content and less time posting

Share company news: This is the perfect place to share your restaurant news and events

Use SlideShare: Feature company infographics, videos, and white papers

Blog posts: Share your restaurant’s best blog content

Restaurant industry news and trends: Share industry trends and insights

Optimize content for SEO: Use your target keywords in shared posts

Here’s how you can make the most of your restaurant’s LinkedIn profile:

Source experienced talent

Another great way to capitalize on the platform’s search capabilities, LinkedIn offers a wide range of employee filters such as zip codes and years of experience.

Solicit customer reviews

Restaurant owners know the power of peer reviews. If you can connect with your loyal clientele on LinkedIn you can approach them directly to request feedback.

Find your connections

Use LinkedIn’s connections search function to find friends and former colleagues to build your restaurant’s following.

Consider LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn ads outperform Google. Take advantage of the opportunity to promote your restaurant to a more professional customer.

“Members are more than 2 times more likely to trust information provided on LinkedIn than other social networks, which drives purchases.”

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LinkedIn Etiquette

LinkedIn has its own rules for posting and interacting.

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