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How To Write A Valuable Review

Spill the beans. We encourage you to be creative in your review and let your personality shine. The most meaningful reviews contain colorful descriptions of the food, service and ambiance. Here are a few tips to help you provide feedback that is the most helpful:

Food and Drinks
After all, it’s what you came for. Be sure to tell us what you liked about what you ordered or your thoughts on the menu. Was that soup just like Grandma used to make it? Tell us about it.

Was the service polite, helpful and efficient? Did your server help make your meal sparkle by checking in at the appropriate times or anticipating needs?

Tell other diners what you thought of the mood. Did it match the food and service? Was it casual enough for a family outing or romantic for a first date?

Constructive Feedback
If your visit was less than perfect, be sure to remain constructive in your review. Avoid using offensive or distasteful comments. Share information you feel would help the owner improve upon future experiences.

All reviews will be published to our websites unless they violate Rewards Network’s Content Guidelines and/or Terms and Conditions or the reviewer specifies that they prefer the feedback be sent only to the restaurant/owner.

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