Flexible funding options for restaurants

  • No fixed monthly payments. No fixed terms
  • We pre-purchase credit card receivables from you
  • Our members automatically “dine down” your balance when they dine
  • Access to capital for restaurant renovations, repairs, or operating expenses

What can Rewards Network do for your restaurant?

No set monthly payment
Pay based on the pace of your business.

Shorter approval process
Get approved in as little as 48 hours.

No fixed term
Estimated period for payment is 12 months or less.*

You pay when we deliver
We promote your restaurant to 20 million members.

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How it works

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More sales & cash—with full-price customers.

We market your restaurant to 20 million members.

Our exclusive marketing program is included in the program at no cost. The more members that we send to you, the faster we get paid. But that’s not all. Our members pay full price for your meals — no more coupon cutters.

Don’t just take our word for it

Video testimonial Farotto's

“Rewards Network has been a very strong partner for me financially… but they’re not just a financial partner. They’re a marketing partner. Rewards Network helps you grow your business at the same time as helping you financially.”

Jeff Parrott
Farotto’s Italian Restaurant | St. Louis, MO

*There is no fixed term for a merchant cash advance through Rewards Network. The estimated usage period in this example is typical, but does not reflect the actual duration (which could be longer or shorter) for completing payment, which is based on the merchant generating purchased receivables in the normal course of business.