The Sips of the Season: Summertime Beverage Trends

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It’s official: We are in the dog days of the “refreshment season.” Your guests are looking for ways to cool off — and at a time when diners are increasingly seeking unique and off-the-wall dining experiences, the traditional options simply won’t do. With 21 percent of diners reporting that beverages play an important role in their… Read more »

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The Secret to Eating Like a Local When You Travel

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We’ve been there: It’s day three of your trip, and you’re rocking that relaxed vacation vibe like no other. But you’ve also tried every concierge-recommended restaurant within walking distance of your hotel — and you’re already tired of each and every one. What’s a visitor looking to completely soak up the culture of their new… Read more »

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Trends in Restaurant Operations

Blog Featured Post Industry Trends Restaurant Operations

For every restaurant, operations are vital to keeping the business afloat. The core of your operations comes from your restaurant’s mission, dictating everything from day-to-day actions to systems that keep your business running smoothly. According to Jim Sullivan, CEO of, the most effective marketing strategy for restaurants is consistency in operations. “If you’re not… Read more »

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Old World vs New World Wine – What’s the Big Deal?

Blog Consumer Featured Post Food & Drink

There are many factors that can be considered when choosing a wine, but have you ever wondered what the difference is between “Old World” and “New World” wines? And perhaps more importantly — have you ever wondered what those differences mean for the glass (or bottle) you’re about to enjoy? Location, Location, Location: It’s Not Just… Read more »

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Staffing for Restaurant Success, Part 3: Retention and Rewards

Blog Featured Post Staffing & Training

Many businesses — restaurants included —suffer from a perennial churn of new employees. With the industry turnover rate at 66.3 percent as of 2014 and the resulting focus on refilling the ranks, it can feel like you never get to the fun or important stuff amid all the hiring, orientation, and training. How do you take care of your… Read more »

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5 Twists on a Classic: Brunch Dishes Done a Little Differently

Blog Consumer Featured Post Food & Drink

The ever-so-cheesy omelets. The syrup-drowned waffles. The savory and spicy Bloody Marys. Think you know brunch inside and out? Think again. We’ve got twists on five of your favorite early-morning (or mid-afternoon) classics that’ll make you question everything you know about breakfast food. 1. Eggs Benedict We know what you’re thinking: How do you improve… Read more »

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The Big Business of Business Diners, Part Two: Tips for Restaurants

Blog Customer Loyalty Featured Post Finance Industry Trends

You now know about the unique needs of the business diner, but how can you make your restaurant the perfect choice for their meetings? According to restaurant experts speaking at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, all it takes is a few tips — and a lot of relationship building. 1. Concentrate on creating… Read more »

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Our Fathers, the Heroes

Blog Consumer Featured Post Rewards Network

It’s nearly Father’s Day, and we here at Rewards Network want to celebrate these special men by sharing a few of our favorite food memories and moments — and some thoughts on how our fathers and fatherhood have changed our lives and our stomachs.   Angel Woods, Client Content Coordinator “My Dad is all about… Read more »

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Staffing Restaurants for Success, Part 2: Training

Blog Featured Post Staffing & Training

As restaurateurs, you know that even if you have the best menu in the world, the finest produce, and the most welcoming décor, none of it matters if you don’t have the right people in place to make it all come together in a great customer experience. And with restaurant industry turnover now at 66.3 percent, there’s… Read more »

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5 Fan-Favorite Foods that Are Even Better as Pizza

Blog Consumer Featured Post Menu Trends

As a general rule, we’re hesitant to make broad, sweeping claims. But we will say this: Everybody likes pizza. Everybody. Right now, you may be saying something about your cousin’s roommate’s girlfriend who just couldn’t stand cheese, or your grandfather who thought pizza had way too many flavors. But the beauty of pizza is its… Read more »

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