4 Steps to a Great Outdoor Restaurant Sign

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Everyone has one, but how many restaurateurs spend time planning their outdoor signage? All of the really smart ones, honestly. More than any other form of media at your disposal —up to, and possibly even including, the Internet — your sign is the most important tool to advertise your business. Why is great outdoor signage… Read more »

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Hire My Chef: How Catering Can Boost Your Restaurant Brand

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The season of food festivals and farmer’s markets is rapidly disappearing — but that doesn’t mean the opportunities for bringing your food directly to the people are vanishing with it! In fact, the holiday season offers a unique chance to reach more customers than ever, right in their own homes. The secret? Encouraging your chef… Read more »

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Not Just the Beginning: How to Amp Up Your Appetizers

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Although long considered only a little taste to make restaurant guests even hungrier for their main meal, appetizers are enjoying an upswing in prominence — and popularity. In fact, according to DataSsential, a leading market research team for the food industry, more than 85 percent of restaurants nationwide — and more than 97 percent of… Read more »

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Get Your Shift Together: How Pre-Shift Meetings Benefit Your Restaurant

Blog Featured Post Restaurant Operations

Sports teams do it. Flight crews do it. Even doctors and nurses do it. That’s right: We’re talking about pre-shift meetings (or, in the parlance of the athletes above, “pep talks”). And if you’re not among the many restaurant owners starting each shift off with one, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to connect with, encourage,… Read more »

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Is a Merchant Cash Advance Right for Your Restaurant?

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Maybe you’re seeing a spike in outdoor dining requests and want to build out that perfect patio. Maybe your POS system is out of date — and really starting to hit a nerve with frustrated staff. Or maybe you just want to bring your food and hospitality to a broader audience by participating in local… Read more »

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How Safe Is My Credit Card With You?

Blog Consumer Featured Post Finance

Think about the last time you went to the grocery store or ordered a product online. How did you pay for your transaction? More than likely, you used a credit or debit card. These digital forms of payment are becoming increasingly common worldwide — and increasingly important to our lives. In fact, according to “The… Read more »

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Marketing Ideas for Your Restaurant: October/November

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  When I think of what these upcoming months will bring, three P’s come to my mind: Pumpkin-flavored everything, having to wear long Pants, and Promotions for your restaurant.  While the first has saturated the market, and the second doesn’t directly affect your restaurant unless enforced by a dress code, the third will help to… Read more »

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Rewards Network Partners with edo Interactive

Blog Rewards Network

edo Interactive and Rewards Network Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive Savings Through Card-Linked Offers CHICAGO, IL, SEPTEMBER 21, 2015 – Advertising technology innovator edo Interactive (edo) and Rewards Network, the leading operator of dining rewards programs, today announced a multi-year partnership to market Rewards Network’s 11,000 participating restaurants to over 40 million cardholders in edo’s… Read more »

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More than Snack-Size Profit: Appetizers and Your Restaurant Menu

Blog Featured Post Menu Trends

They’ve become a regular part of the indulgence of dining out, and loved equally for their shareability and finger food fun factor. Suffice it to say, consumer interest in appetizers isn’t going away any time soon. In all likelihood, you already know about the power of the appetizer menu to increase ticket amount and profits…. Read more »

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Think Outside the Bun: How to Beef Up America’s Favorite Food

Blog Featured Post Food & Drink Menu Trends

Kids love them. Adults spend lifetimes perfecting recipes for them. Even vegetarians have developed their own special patties so as not to give them up. Let’s face it: People love burgers. But that doesn’t mean a plain patty with the same old sauce — no matter how “special” it may be — can’t sometimes feel a… Read more »

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Wanna Be in Pictures? Mastering Everyday Food Photography

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You know you need to do it, but every time it crosses your mind, you get a nervous tingle in the pit of your stomach. Hiring a professional photographer and food stylist to take that perfect photograph of your dishes — the face of your restaurant, really — can be completely out of budget for most businesses…. Read more »

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Meet Our Employees: Ayanna Ware

Blog Employee Spotlights

With more than 11,000 restaurant clients — and a hundreds-strong staff of salespeople on the ground managing their accounts and recruiting more — the process of organizing and maintaining all of the records created is daunting, to say the least. Luckily, we have a team of specialists that diligently ensure there’s a dot above every… Read more »

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Increasing Restaurant Sales with Seasonal Menus

Blog Featured Post Restaurant Operations

Did you know that 59 percent of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase an item on a restaurant menu if it’s described as “seasonal”? In fact, according to research and consulting firm Technomic, 49 percent also said “seasonal” menu items are more appetizing, and another 39 percent believe “seasonal” dishes are healthier. Considering some… Read more »

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Leftovers to Lunch: Get Twice as Much from Restaurant Meals

Blog Consumer Featured Post Food & Drink

It’s that time of year again. Extracurricular activities are ramping up. Homework is taking over evenings at home. And planning — and don’t forget, preparing — meals is more difficult than ever. That’s why we’ve developed a few simple hacks for transforming the remains of your delicious restaurant dinner into a finger-licking lunch your kids… Read more »

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How Do I Decide? Tips on Restaurant Renovation

Blog Featured Post Restaurant Operations

Taking stock of your restaurant’s successes and shortfalls is never easy, particularly when there’s always another table service, shift, or week to get through before doing it all over again. It’s no wonder, with the constant chaos a restaurant can produce, that a lot of owner/operators just keep their staff doing whatever they are used… Read more »

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Party On: Increase Restaurant Profits with Private Events

Blog Entertainment Featured Post Restaurant Operations

You may not be hearing Yuletide carols in your favorite stores yet, but one thing is for certain: ‘Tis the season to start readying yourself for the opportunity to host a multitude of holiday parties this holiday season. The process of prepping (or constructing) private rooms, developing seasonal dishes, and planning promotions can take even… Read more »

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Restaurant Menu Terms You Need to Know

Blog Consumer Featured Post Food & Drink

No matter how familiar you are with the culinary world, there are always new words to learn — as well as delicious new culinary methods and dishes to try. Check out our list below for a few of the most commonly seen — but often unfamiliar — terms, and never be stumped by your menu again. Aioli… Read more »

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Commence Catering: All the Components (and Cash) You Need

Blog Featured Post Food & Drink Restaurant Operations

Whether in the form of a sandwich tray from the local deli or a full banquet from an upscale steakhouse, more and more consumers are looking for catering options from their favorite restaurants. But it’s not just a matter of giving customers more ways to eat your food. Offering catering can seriously benefit your bottom… Read more »

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The Essential Checklist to Opening a Restaurant

Blog Featured Post Restaurant Operations

Whether you’re finally fulfilling your lifelong dream or hanging drywall at your fifth location, nothing beats the Boy Scout motto: be prepared. Opening a restaurant is no easy feat and requires a massive amount of coordination and planning to go off without a hitch. It’s not enough to have a vision; you need to have… Read more »

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EMV: What Is It and How Does It Work?

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Chances are, you’ve heard a lot of talk about the new credit cards coming your way, or maybe even some buzz about EMV payment technology. You may even have a sparkly new card or two — complete with those little silver chips — in your wallet. But what’s the deal with that chip and how… Read more »

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