How Do I Answer a Negative Review?

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Bad reviews happen. It’s unavoidable. But how you handle those comments can make a huge difference. Although it’s never fun to get negative feedback, your response can be a great opportunity to turn a negative customer experience into a positive one. Keep it timely. You should definitely be monitoring your reviews, whether on Google, review… Read more »

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The Whole Hog: Nose-to-Tail Cooking

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The idea of using the entire animal for cooking certainly isn’t new. After all, to our ancestors, the efficient use of every part of their game was of life-and-death importance. But as the local butcher gave way to grocery stores on every corner — and convenient, pre-packaged meats in every cart — many cuts and… Read more »

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Restaurant Marketing Ideas for August and September

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If the summertime sales slump has left you looking for winning ways to increase traffic to your restaurant, remember that a key to marketing success is standing out from your competition. Instead of the back-to-school specials and Labor Day LTOs, these unique marketing ideas will distinguish your restaurant from the competition — and drive more… Read more »

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5 Things My Dog Taught Me About Surviving a Road Trip

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I’m a dog person. But not just a dog person. One of those dog people. I have a framed picture of my dog — the most adorable little mutt you’ve ever seen — on my desk. Literally the only magnet I have on my refrigerator says, “A dog is a child with two extra legs,”… Read more »

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How Should I Price My Restaurant Menu?

Blog Featured Post Finance Menu Trends

The price. It’s often the first thing your guest will notice, and probably one of the (many) things keeping you up at night. How do you know it’s right? Does demand matter? Is just covering your costs enough? Does the price reflect the real value the customer is receiving from their meal? All of these factors… Read more »

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5 Cheese Mac

Mac-ing and Canoodling: My Love Affair with Mac and Cheese

Blog Consumer Featured Post Food & Drink

I’ll admit it: I am a macaroni and cheese fanatic. I’m not talking about shaking a box of KRAFT into some boiling water and throwing down the orange powder. I’m talking about the good stuff. The real stuff. The creamy, tangy, noodley goodness that you can only get from restaurant chefs (and maybe mom. Maybe.) I make… Read more »

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Customer Service: It’s a Team Effort

Blog Customer Service Featured Post Restaurant Operations Staffing & Training

A few weeks ago, I went to a restaurant with a group of friends. It was a busy Saturday night, and there were lots of servers — all dressed in the same black uniform — running around. After a while, we were ready to order drinks and, to save time, just asked the first server whose… Read more »

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How to Make Your Happy Hour More Profitable

Blog Featured Post Food & Drink Industry Trends

To the joy of many — and disappointment of others — Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a bill yesterday legalizing Happy Hour in that state for the first time since 1989. The concept of short-term discounts, usually falling in those slower after-work hours, is so prevalent, everyone from Sonic Drive-Ins to upscale steakhouses uses the… Read more »

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Is Your Menu Craveable?

Blog Featured Post Food & Drink Menu Trends

If your answer to the above question is no, you may be missing out on sales. We’ve all experienced firsthand that cravings can be a huge driver for decision-making — anyone who has smelled a French fry and desperately wanted a taste knows it’s a fact. But according to experts speaking at the recent National… Read more »

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The 3 Secret Sides of Sommeliers

Blog Consumer Featured Post Food & Drink

  The sommelier. By definition, this person is the resident wine expert in the room — even when the definition is under debate. They are the accomplished authorities who, with a few deft questions, can help us learn how we can make our meal, and our experience, better through the bounty of the vineyard. But… Read more »

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